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  • Blog 5 Transparency

    19/03/21 Transparency in the CBD market. Quantum1cbd has been researching CBD and its diverse products range since our Canadian cousins legalised the cannabis industry in Oct 2018.Although the UK have not yet gone to this extreme, the rise of CBD products has been phenomenal and with the correct regulations and transparency will carry on expanding. […]

  • Blog 4 History cont’d

    07/03/21Cannabis has been outlawed for nearly a Century in much of the World; But a new cannabis revolution is upon us. Once again the cannabis plant is being embraced for its medicinal qualities and under strict regulation Doctors can now prescribe medicinal cannabis for a variety of known issues. (epilepsy, MS etc.). With the re-acceptance […]

  • Blog 3 History Cont’d

    03/03/21 Cannabis made its way to England as a treatment for rheumatism and convulsions. And the oil soon became popular as a go-to cure for various ailments such as migraines, nausea, sleep, coughs, fevers, and many others. It remained available to the Western world into the 1940’s.Where did it go wrong?The late 1800s saw a massive […]

  • Blog 2 History Cont’d

    01/03/21 In the modern era, cannabis made its way to the new world of the Americas. Initially hemp was cultivated for the textile industry, but cannabis was soon recognised by the medical community. By the 1700s, American medical journals were actively promoting the benefits of cannabis, presenting it as a treatment for a variety of […]

  • Blog 12 CBD or HEMP Oil

    At Quantum1™ we get asked: ‘’what is the difference between your CBD Oil and HEMP Oil’’Today’s blog covers a few pointers when deciding on which you would benefit most from, CBD from the Cannabis plant or HEMP from the Industrial Hemp plant.CBD Oil:Product: CBD will have a higher level of Cannabinoid (CBD) for maximum therapeutic […]

  • Blog 1 Brief History of CBD

    26/02/21 To understand the history of CBD we have to go back to the beginning, some say as far as 15,000 years ago when first discovered by man.Archaeological digs show hemp was certainly present as far back as 5,500BC for various uses. Evidence gathered from ancient sites reveal the plant was important in many societies […]