Blog 4 History cont’d

Cannabis has been outlawed for nearly a Century in much of the World; But a new cannabis revolution is upon us. Once again the cannabis plant is being embraced for its medicinal qualities and under strict regulation Doctors can now prescribe medicinal cannabis for a variety of known issues. (epilepsy, MS etc.). With the re-acceptance of the plant the common compound produced by cannabis Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is still illegal in most countries. The rise of CBD=Cannabinoid.
The second most common compound, produced by Sativa L plant, research has found promising potential, discovered and isolated in the 1940’s CBD didn’t possess THC and was not psychoactive (hallucinogenic), prohibition meant research was limited.
In 1980 CBD’s Potential for an anticonvulsant therapy that was known by ancient societies for thousands of years had been rediscovered.
CBD products entered the commercial market mainly as health/food supplements in oil/tincture and capsule form. However, over the last few years, a huge variety of products have emerged, including edibles, beverages, skincare.
This expansion may be down to the continued legalisation of cannabis in a small number of Countries. E.G. The 2018 US Farm Bill legalised the cultivation and use of hemp (low-THC cannabis) at the federal level. This meant that companies were free to extract CBD and develop products for export for the first time.
While regulation is finally improving in the UK, there remain a large number of poor quality CBD products on the market – At Quantum1cbd you can be assured that our products are of the highest quality and certified in the UK by a leading CBD manufacturer.