Blog 12 CBD or HEMP Oil

At Quantum1™ we get asked: ‘’what is the difference between your CBD Oil and HEMP Oil’’
Today’s blog covers a few pointers when deciding on which you would benefit most from, CBD from the Cannabis plant or HEMP from the Industrial Hemp plant.
CBD Oil:
Product: CBD will have a higher level of Cannabinoid (CBD) for maximum therapeutic impact
Labels: Packaging will show ratio of CBD content, look for the batch no. against published certification
Testing: Laboratory reports declaring CBD content and lack of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
Ingredients: Clarification of GMO, Vegan, no trans-fats or additives
Cannabis Plant: A robust terpene profile enhancing therapeutic benefits
Product: Bi-product
Labels: Must state ‘’Made from Hemp plant’’
Testing: Laid-back testing required
Ingredients: Can be GMO & include trans-fats & additives
Industrial Hemp Plant: Typically low in CBD, large amounts of Hemp is required to extract small amounts of CBD.
Best practice when looking to buy is look for:
CBD rich product from the Cannabis plant.
Clear labels describing ingredients and batch no.
Lab tested certification with transparency
Safe extraction from a clean environment.