CBD Legal

CBD is readily available at many retailers in the UK.
MHRA are interested in the medicinal cannabis which is becoming available with a Doctor’s prescription under strict control and regulation. FSA In a recent statement classified CBD as a Novel Supplement which brings more restriction rather than a Food Supplement which many companies label as, or Health Supplement.

Home Office have a three pronged approach, if your CBD product ticks the criteria then you’re on the right side of the law.

An ‘’exempt product’’ means a preparation or other product consisting of one or more component parts, any of which contains a controlled drug:

a) the preparation or other product is not designed for administration of the controlled drug to a human or animal
b) the controlled drug in any component part is packaged in such a form or in combination with other inert substances in such a manner, that it cannot be recovered by readily applicable means or in a yield which constitutes a risk to health
c) no one component part of the product or preparation contains more than one milligram of the controlled drug or one microgram in the case of lysergide or any other N-alkyl derivative of lysergamide.

The criteria of an exempted product. a) b) c) the three limbs of the definition must be met.
Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.